Hiking Ford Mountain in March 2016

After all the surgeries and required rest,  over last 7 months, we finally decided to do a real hike and see how things work. Ford Mountain came up on the list and off we went on Saturday morning! Only problem I forgot how steep it was in a few areas.
Just a few corrections to the directions of our Ford Mountain Hike 2013! It is still 28 km from the left turn on to Chilliwack Lake Road but you won't be able to see the sigh, it is covered with yellow signs indicating channels you'll need to use to communicate. But you still need to turn left at 28.3k depending on your speedometer. Keep follow original directions except gate has been removed and you must look out for a Ford Mt sign on your left. DO NOT try to go left at that point. A number of trees came down and it is impossible to get through even if you have high clearance truck. Just park here and start your hike. A word of caution, the first steep section is extremely slippery! There's just enough snow on the ground in this are to make your descend a nightmare! Once you are higher up, the snow is deep and hard so you can use you ascend.descend technique for same hiking. Bring a good pair of shoes with good traction if you are planing to hike this in the next three or so weeks! Going up wasn't as difficult as going down!

And yes, you still need a high clearance vehicle to make it to the parking lot.

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