Ford Mountain Hike

We just went to Chilliwack last weekend and by accident came across a trail sign for Ford Mountain. I heard about this trail when I was hiking to Williams Ridge but I no had idea about how long or difficult this hike was. So we decided just to give it a try and see what kind of hike it is. Unfortunately, timing was an issue and we only got to the lookout to enjoy the view of local mountains. After coming home and getting some more info about this hike, we decided to come back this weekend and go all the ay to the top. It was a beautiful and sunny Sunday and we were ready to get to the top this time!

Chilliwack Provincial Park
Near to:
Chilliwack Lake
Round Trip:
about 4km
Elevation Gain:
{googleMaps lat=49.110624 long=-121.586908 zoom=14 addgoogle=0 addoverview=0 addscale=1 width=80% height=240 control=GSmallZoomControl maptype=G_HYBRID_MAP}

Depending on what you drive, you can get pretty close to the trail head of the Ford Mountain. Any 4x4 or AWD will get you as far as the red gates where most people start their hike. We tried on our second attempt to drive further but my Explorer could only go half way, I just didn't feel like it was worth extra 15-20 minutes of hike to wreck my car. So we managed to turn around and find a safe spot to park (some parts of this section of the road pre very steep and even my parking break was not able to hold my car, it was rolling down!)
Once you get though the old logging road, the trail changes and becomes very enjoyable with nothing but elevation to gain for at least a kilometer. This is a very steep section of the trail but once you are passed the lookout on your right, trail flattens out with just slight elevation gain all the way to the peak.
This is a short (comparably) hike but it gives you a good work out and a great feeling of satisfaction once you reach the summit. We had just a perfect weather for this hike: sunny, around 6C to 8C and clear skies to enjoy the view of the local mountains. I can see how this trail may be quite a bit challenging once the snow falls, you'll definitely need either crampons or at least some sort of traction device for your boots! Overall, it is a great hike even if you have to park at the very bottom, definitely worth your time and driving distance.
To get there from Vancouver, take HWy# 1 going East to Chilliwack and exit on Vedder road and go all the way to the bridge. Turn left on Chilliwack Lake road and zero your odometer. At around 28KM you should see a trailhead post to Ford Mountain on your left. At the first fork, turn right (it is marked with pink tape) and continue on all the way (or as far as you can) until the red gate. The trail is on your left and unless you have a good 4x4 with high clearance, I would park right here. Good luck!



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