Evans Peak, at the top, 2012

I almost forgot about Evans Peak and we never made it all the way to the top last year due to the snow. Well, it was an easy choice for this weekend and the three of us packed up first thing in the morning and off we went to put a check mark on this mountain.
We tried to get to Evans Peak last year, but couldn't make it all the way to the top due snowy and icy conditions. Since summer this year was unusually hot, most of the snow on our local mountains was gone and opened an opportunity to visit places we couldn't make it to later or earlier in the year due to the snow. At the same time, it is quite a challenge to hike on a hot day, especially if it is an open area. Saturday turned into one of the hottest days of September but we decided to keep going. I have to admit, I did forget how steep this hike was. It starts going really up as soon as you take right off the View Point trail where it is really rough and not as travelled. You won't see much of a flat area until you get to the base of the peak. This is the steepest part of the hike and does require some climbing. You are almost there, just keep going. Once at the top, keep following the trail markers to the other side of the peak. This is where the real view opens up! We took our time and stayed at the top to catch our breath and rest, as my team was very tired and took at least half an hour to cool down for the big boy :).
Just a note, we did get a bit lost at the the beginning of the hike since there are no markers for Evans Peak. Stay on the main trail for about 10-15 minutes passing what looks like a big water tank on your right until you see a sign for View Point Trail on your left. Not sure why people keep taking it off, it was on the ground again. Here are a few pictures from the top and a video:


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