Camping at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Although we are almost half way through the summer, we've finally managed to get out of town and go camping this year. 
It was supposed to rain in Vancouver and especially where we were going, The Golden Ears Provincial Park but we were prepared.
Nothing beats a good hot-dog on the open fire and a glass of your favourite drink! Oh yes, did I mention the lake?
My boys and I even managed to go hiking on Saturday and got almost all the way to the top of the Evans Peak. We've done it a couple of times before but this weekend was a bit too foggy at the top and I decided not to risk it with my two dogs. Final section of this hike requires climbing the ropes going both up and down but finding that spot in the thick fog can be a challenge. We caught our breath and had snacks at the base of the peak. And yes, this may be not the longest hike but it sure is steep! If you don't feel like hiking stairs and fighting the crowds, skip Grouse Grind and try Evans for a change.

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