Weekend on Sunshine Coast, BC

May Long Weekends are usually not our favourite time to go camping (usually/always rains on this weekend) so instead, we've stayed at the Secret Cove cottages on Sunshine Coast.
This place is awesome if you just want to get away from it all and spend weekend doing nothing but get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go for a hike or swim in the ocean then come back and either bring something to eat from the local restaurants or BBQ something yourself. The choice is yours plus all you really need to bring with you is food, drinking water and your gear. Rest is provided and you'll even get a free WiFi to catch up on Netflix at the end of the day :).
While staying there, we've explored two local parks, which are by the way just within 10-20 minutes drive, Smuggler Cove and Francis Point Provincial Parks. Both trails are around 5k return but the views are spectacular and on those hot days you will definitely appreciate the ocean.

Click here for more Francis Point pictures!


Click here for more Smuggler Cove pictures!

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