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Windsurfing at Jericho Beach, BC

{artsexylightbox singleImage="images/stories/windsurfing/JerichoBeach10/IMG_9568.jpg" previewWidth="80" previewHeight="100" path="images/stories/windsurfing/JerichoBeach10"}{/artsexylightbox} Windsurfing, have you tried it before? No? Neither did I up until this week. We went to Jericho beach this weekend to "Windsure Windsurfing school". Ed and I took introductory class on Wednesday and to tell you the truth, it was more than I expected. So this weekend the whole family took a trip back to the Jericho beach and spent a few hours windsurfing, taking pictures, enjoying beautiful views of North Shore mountains and downtown Vancouver and simply having fun! Jerico beach is located west of the seaside neighbourhood of Kitsilano and has long sandy beach.

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