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Seattle, WA 2010

{artsexylightbox singleImage="images/stories/cities/seattle_wa_2010/IMG_0683.jpg" previewWidth="80" previewHeight="100" path="images/stories/cities/seattle_wa_2010"}{/artsexylightbox} I believe Igor is doing a great job covering hikes, windsurfing, rock climbing etc. Now it’s my turn to write an article. I will start writing by covering our short visit to Seattle. We have been in Seattle many, many times, but mostly for business or short shopping trips. This time, it was to see our Russian friend and to show him around. Since we didn't know much about Seattle, I checked a number of web sites to learn what to do in Seattle. From this list, we chose what we thought was interesting for us and for our friend Misha, who was in America for the first time. We met Misha on our vacation to Cuba about 5 years ago. This time, he was in Miami for 2 weeks and flew all the way to Seattle for day and a half just to see us again.

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