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Juan de Fuca

It is always difficult to plan where and how to spend the last weekend of summer. We had been looking at the campsites on Vancouver Island that are located right on the ocean and managed to get a reservation on the Juan de Fuca, China Beach Provincial Campground. The park is famous for its amazing hike, marine and wildlife, plus since it is located right on the beach, taking a dip in the water after a day long hike sounded like a pretty good plan for the weekend!

Chilliwack Provincial Park Camping

We got lucky these last couple of weekends and managed to go camping again the very next weekend after spending time in the Porpoise Bay Provincial Park! Since booking a site in Chilliwack Provincial Park campground is impossible over the internet or the phone, the only way to do it was to take a few hours off of work on Thursday and actually go there and reserve the spot. We had been trying to get into this park for many years, but it would have been pretty unsuccessful if we tried on Friday. I even had a chance to choose from several empty spots, and managed to find us a very private site.

Ellison Provincial Park, Vernon, BC

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{artsexylightbox singleImage="images/stories/camping/Ellison2010/IMG_0359.jpg" previewWidth="80" previewHeight="100" path="images/stories/hiking/ellison2010"}{/artsexylightbox}Although we were originally planning to go to Redwood national park in north California, plans had changed a bit when I came across an empty spot at Ellison Provincial Park camping ground in Vernon, BC. And since we only had a 3 day long weekend, and nobody in particular wanted to drive over 1,000 K each way just to stay overnight and drive back, the decision was quickly made and we changed our plans to go camping at Ellison park.

Wells Gray, Clearwater Provincial Campground

Camping: one of our favorite summer activities that we enjoy very much, but only for a weekend :-). The best part is always getting back home, taking a shower and jumping into a soft, clean bed. Well, although Clearwater campground in Wells Gray was far from perfection (weather-wise for sure), it is always good to get out for a few days and have a fire going, sit back and roast a few marshmallows. This provincial park offers a few good trails and, of course, a number of waterfalls to explore. And if you are into fishing, there's plenty of water around to catch good-sized touts. You definitely need to plan your trip to stay productive and cover as much of Wells Gray as possible, who knows when your next trip will be!

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